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The Memri Schema

This is the Schema used by Memri, dictating how information is stored in the database on your Pod.

Type hierarchy

The Type hierarchy defines what types of data can exist in the database, divided into primitive data types like strings and integers, and Items, which can have Properties and Edges. As the database is a graph database, Items can be be seen as nodes in the graph. The hierarchy defines how the Items are related, as they inherit properties and edges. This enables smart retrieval of data. For instance, to find all ImageObjects and VideoObjects related to some Item, we can query them using their parent Item type MediaObject.

Edge & Property hierarchy

The Edge & Property hierarchy defines what Edges and Properties can exist in the database, what type of data they refer to, and how the Edges and Properties are related. The expected types of properties are primitive data types, like strings and ints, and are always one-to-one relations. Edges point to other Items, and are one-to-many relations. Again, we use an hierarchy to enable smart retrieval. For instance, to find all family members of an item of type Person, all Edges that are of the familyRelation-type can be queried, retrieving all its children in the Edge and Property hierarchy, including mothers, fathers, sisters, etc.